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Thank you for considering Trutherapy. Our admissions team is pleased to work with you to connect you or your client to services at Trutherapy. To make a referral, please complete the referral form below or call 706-843-6241.


If you or your client is having an emergency please call 911. For a non-emergency crisis please call the Georgia Crisis and Access Line at (800) 715-4225. The Georgia Crisis and Access Line is staffed with professional social workers and counselors 24 hours per day.


*** If you are a Case Manager for a Foster Child please complete the Foster Child referral form.***


Once we receive the referral we will contact the client within 1 business day to schedule an initial assessment. We make 3 consecutive attempts every 48 hours to contact the client, if unable to make contact we will notify the referral source. If we are able to contact the client, we will attempt to schedule the Initial Assessment within 7 business days of initial contact. Once the client is scheduled, we will notify the referral source.
On the day of the Initial Assessment, the clinician will complete a Biopsychosocial, additional needed assessments, and a Treatment Plan. If the client is in need of more intensive services the counselor will complete a referral form to an outside agency that provides Intensive Family Intervention (IFI). 

Referral Process

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