The Student May:

  • Swear or curse

  • Talk about inappropriate things and/or make sexual comments

  • Mature/immature discussion that is not typical of their age

  • Make inappropriate innuendoes

  • Make “inside jokes” as indicated by laughing after the comment or words

  • Use code words or symbolic language to represent something inappropriate

  • Be sarcastic

  • Repeat others in a deliberate and patronizing way

  • Speak to others in a condescending or mocking manner

  • Use variations of inappropriate words or curse words and phrases, for example, “shat”, “flucking”, “biatch”, etc

  • Use sensitive words in an insulting or joking manner, like “retarded”, “gay”, etc

  • Use racial, stereotypical, or culturally insensitive words

  • Blame others

  • Many reports from other students

If this describes the student, proceed to the interventions. If not, try choosing another behavior.


  • Acknowledging positive behavior

  • Avoid power struggles

  • Call parent or note home

  • Card Flip

  • Clear, consistent, and predictable consequences

  • Have student say a nice thing to the student they called a name

  • Logical consequence

  • Model appropriate language

  • Redirection

  • Reflection sheet

  • Review PBIS expectations and rules

  • Speak in calm and neutral tone

  • Speak with student in hallway

  • Start Commands

  • Take away privileges

  • Take away unstructured or free time

  • Talk one on one with student

  • Talk to parent

  • Teach conflict resolution skills

  • Teach coping skills

  • Teach relationship skills

  • Teach relaxation techniques

  • Teach social skills

  • Teach substitute words

A few important points:  

  • Try multiple interventions at the same time

  • Collect and track specific data on each intervention tried & its effect

  • If your data indicates no progress after a two weeks, you should consider a referral to the Trutherapy School Based Counselor.

Inappropriate language