foster Children Services

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Our Foster Children Services is dedicated to helping minimize transitions and supporting foster children so they can prepare for a successful future. In addition to treating each child's mental health challenges, we help families develop secure attachments to help stabilize the child's mental health. TruTherapy clinicians focus on relationship-based, trauma-informed care. They use evidence-based practices, along with Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), Managing and Adaptive Practice (MAP), and Positive Discipline. Fostering Community's comprehensive services include:

School-Based Therapy

School-based therapy helps children and teens overcome behavioral, emotional or social challenges that interfere with success at school and home. A Therapist will go to the client's school to work with them to reduce disruptive behavior and improve self-monitoring skills. Integrated as members of the school team, we can serve the client in a familiar setting, offering minimal interruption to their school day.

Prospective Adoptive Parents
Parents may seek to consult with a TruTherapy clinician about the joys and struggles they may face when adopting a child. While many transitions progress smoothly, questions and challenges about adoptions may arise at any point. Sharing and learning through responsive and experienced counsel is encouraged.

Medication Evaluation & ManagementAt times, some children benefit greatly from medication that targets specific behaviors, emotional disorders or physiological imbalances. 

Post-Adoptive Counseling for Families
Post-adoptive counseling is available for families who have adopted from the foster care system or through private adoptions, both domestic and international. Families may need additional support immediately after an adoption or many years later. Our clinicians provide counseling and support to adoptive families experiencing a wide variety of challenges.

Transition Planning and Support Services
TruTherapy therapists provide consultation and support before, during, and after transitions as children move into permanent placements with biological, foster, and/or adoptive families. Transition planning and support services are tailored to each individual family’s needs and circumstances.